HERE IS AN ONLINE CLASSROOM:  Join our online class room ; the available online classrooms are categorized as follows: Primary Level: P4, P5, P6; Ordinary level: S1, S2, S3; Advanced level S4, S5, S6.

Choose your class and join.

 This program is started with teaching and learning  materials.

Please share this message in all social media plattforms, WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM among others, in order to help learners continue studying in this period of COVID – 19 #Stay@home 

NB: Our online classroom is started with learners of P6(mathematics, SET, English),S3(Mathematics,Physics,Biology Chemistry and Geography) and S6(Mathematics,physics,biology chemistry and Geography)

Umurezi cyangwa uwo ariwe wese ushishikajwe n’uburezi bw’ u Rwanda wagira icyo aturusha yafatanya natwe mu gutanga umusanzu we mu myigire y’abana b’ u  Rwanda.

Ushobora kuba ufite “Soft SUMMARY NOTES z’amasomo atandukanye”, Ufite “soft PAST MARKING GUIDE”, TEACHING MATERIALS,( audio, notes, videos etc); ibyo byose tukabishyira muri “Online CLASSROOMs” aho abanyeshyuri babisanga.

Ushobora kuba usobanukiwe na ONLINE TEACHING AND COACHING mu masomo atandukanye ukaba wadufasha muri iyo serivisi (ibisabwa ni  laptop and Smartphone).


If you want to follow our online classroom you can register, choose course and login here.